Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Insanity Pool

Insanity pool
one drip
falling into a deep hole
like acid rain
trickling into an open wound

another day of agony
one more night of pain
driven by insanity
there is no gain
same old story
characters all the same
writing songs about tears and sadness
hoping someday things will change

no on'es ever there
except the one
who never left
Staying by our side
through all the times we felt alone

feeling so bare
stripped of our innocence
and left alone in the dark to bleed

we all feel it
can't deny it
wanting so bad to be freed

kneeling on the harsh ground of depression
puffy eyed
we make our confession

crying on an invisible shoulder
over another shameful transgression
we pray for a new beginning
better times
nicer ways
wanting just to be okay

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